How I Tie My KAI

Just as a soldier can’t go to a battle without his rifle, so is a runner without his/her footwear… well, at least, to those who wear shoes or sandals… not applicable to pure barefoot runners! There are certain things we need to wear in order to be prepared for something. In our daily life, St. Paul suggested in Ephesians 6:13 that we “put on the full armor of GOD, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.” If we are all set, there can only be few or no (negative) surprises along the way.

So, as part of my preparation for probably the biggest running event in my life, I got myself my fourth pair of KAI Running Sandals, a Maka (dark color) with Vibram Cherry sole. I needed a new pair because my old pairs were already worn out and beyond their estimated useful running mileage:

1st pair – KAI Classic with local rubber sole – 618 km
2nd pair – KAI Namid with Vibram Cherry sole – 1,148 km
3rd pair – KAI Maka (light color) with Vibram Cherry sole – 1,367 km

Before I took my new pair to its break-in this morning, I thought I should share my tying method, which is somewhat a mixture of the original KAI tying method and Huarache Rod’s alternative tying method. Here it goes:

Step 1 – Initial placement of the strap.

Step 2 – Place your foot on the sandal. The buckle will be inserted to the strap and situated on top of the inner arch of your foot.







Step 3 – Insert the strap on the front and create a loop, pulling it towards the outer arch of your foot.

Step 4 – Insert the strap on the outer arch portion and pull backwards and around the back of your foot.

Step 4B - How I Tie My KAI Step 4A - How I Tie My KAI

Step 5 – Pull the strap into and insert it on the inner arch portion.

IMG_0172 IMG_0173

Step 6 – Pull the strap upwards and insert into the buckle.

Step 7 – After inserting the strap into the buckle, it’s done! You can either cut the excess strap, or insert it on the front loop before cutting it…

…or you can insert the excess strap into the outer arch portion. I usually save the surplus strap for future use.

Step 7C - How I Tie My KAI

When you’re done, it should look something like these:

When running long distances, say 20 kilometers or more, I usually apply petroleum jelly on parts of my foot that touches the loops or knots, and also on my toes if there are lots of downhill portions, just to prevent blisters or chaffing. But on shorter distances, I just lace in and run! Also, make sure that the straps are snug fit to minimize friction between your foot and the sandals.

That’s a wrap! GOD bless everyone!


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