Ready Or Not, CCM 2012 Here I Come!

*** Time Period: November to December 2011 ***

Eighty-Seven Percent

During the middle of October 2011, I downloaded from Smart Coach a personalized 12-week marathon training program. Although I did not intend to follow the program workout-by-workout because of many factors like work schedule, among others, I designated it to be my training guide, specifically on the recommended mileage and weekend long runs.

My personalized Smart Coach 12-Week Training Program

The 12th week in the program is the marathon race week, so it’s really more of an 11-week guide, actually. The 11 weeks period should start on Oct 17 2011 and end on Jan 1 2012. I logged a total of 434 kilometers (running, and a li’l bit of walking) during that span, as compared to the program’s recommended total mileage of 501 kilometers – an 87 percent achievement! Does that mean that I’m also 87 percent ready for Cebu City Marathon 2012?!

My Mileage (in Kilometers) From Dec 2010 to Dec 2011

Run United Cebu 2011 21K (Dec 18 2011)

Crossing the finish line at Run United Regional Series 2011 - Cebu Leg (photo by Lloyd Eric Luague)

To add some flavor to my training, I joined the Cebu Leg of Run United Regional Series 2011 organized by RunRio. It was also my last racing event for 2011, so it’s kinda special for me! Treating it as an LSD (long, slow distance) run, I executed a 4 kilometer-1 minute run-walk intervals all throughout the half marathon route. I maintained a 6:00/km pace when I’m running and kept myself hydrated by drinking water or 100 Plus Isotonic Sports Drink (my favorite sports drink) when I’m walking. The result was a new half marathon PR (personal record) for me – crossing the finish line after exactly 2 hours 11 minutes (based on official chip time)! I never aimed for a PR but improving by 13 minutes was a very nice advance Christmas gift and I’ll take it anytime! Thank You LORD! Incidentally, my wife Espie joined the 5-kilometer event and finished the course in 00:48:04. Proud of her! Wooohooo!

Breaking The 30-Kilometer Mark

Going back to my training program, it includes three 32 kilometer long runs for the month of December. But me and my pace partner Cesar Bordalba, Jr., or Sarsi, was able to break the 30-kilometer mark only once in Dec 23 2011, where we ran 32 kilometers. It was our longest run so far, and our first time to break the 30 km barrier! We’re grateful to one of our mentor, century ultramarathoner Pstr. Junn Besana, who gave us Hammer Endurolytes, and we used it during this run! Nevertheless, we thought we’re good to go already. Besides, we don’t have time anymore to do another 30+ km run – what with the Christmas and New Year celebrations coming in!

Sarsi and me passing thru Mandaue-Mactan Bridge during our 32km LSD run

Ready or not, I’m just happy to have embarked on this preparation. I’m thankful to have achieved my faith goals – lose weight (from 220 pounds at the start of the year to 190 pounds at year’s end) and live a healthy lifestyle (got no medical findings anymore during our Oct 2011 executive check-up)! Running the marathon 8 days from now will be like my graduation day!

Surely, 2011 has been the Year of the LORD’s Favor (Isaiah 61)! Looking back, GOD has been so good to me and my family. Through my ups and downs, HE has never failed me! And now I’m excited for more – more of HIS love, more of HIS grace, more of HIS answered prayers as we continue to trust and obey HIM this coming year 2012! As Sarsi would declare it, 2012 will be the “Year of Answered Prayers”! Happy New Year y’all!

5K & 21K Finishers @ Run United Regional Series 2011 - Cebu Leg

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