Completely Healed And Fully Recovered

*** Time Period: July to August 2011 ***

Road To Recovery

First off, it’s been a while since I posted a blog. But that’s completely fine with me. It just meant that I devoted more time to the other aspects of my life. GOD has blessed me with so much that I have to balance my time with each favor, which is really cool for me!

learning to swim (photo by Marlon Palamini)

The month of July was the hardest for me. Recovering from synovitis means limping when I’m walking and no running until I can walk pain-free, according to my doctor. So, I resorted to other workouts that won’t put any impact on my injured right foot, like swimming, stationary biking & core fitness exercises just to keep me healthy and fit. But when you’re into running, all these other activities really does not compare in terms of the fun, excitement and fulfillment you get from running.

stationary biking while injured

July 18, 2011 marked my return after 27 days as I ran 2.21 km around Cebu Business Park while keeping it short and slow. I incorporated full barefoot running, exposing my naked feet to the ground. It helped a lot in my recovery and rehabilitation. I figured I need to strengthen my feet and let it adapt to the environment if I would like to run injury-free. Of course, I will still wear my KAI Running Sandals for most of my runs.

Also, I believed that running correctly will help prevent injuries. I thought I slouched a lot, especially when I get tired, making my feet bear some imbalance weight and making it vulnerable to injuries. This video about ChiRunning helped a lot in correcting my form and sustaining it.


When August arrived, I felt no pain anymore. GOD completely healed my right foot, just as HE has promised if we call to HIM for help (Psalms 30:2). Without the discomfort, I can now dream of running a full marathon again. I set my sight towards Cebu City Marathon (CCM) next year. There will be no rushing and no cramming since I will have five (5) full months to prepare for it. So, I started practicing – running short and middle runs on weekdays, and long runs during weekends. I also joined races from time to time as part of my training.

6th University Run 2-Bridge Challenge 13Km (Aug 21 2011)

My comeback race after more than two (2) months, I joined the 13km category for the 6th edition of the University Run. As always, the event was organized by Run For Sight (headed by marathoner Dr. Yong Larrazabal III), which has a track record of well-organized races. And this one was no different! From the route, hydration, race marshals, finisher’s medal to the giveaways – it’s all good! Also, I’ve heard this was the first time that the two (2) Mandaue-Mactan bridges were utilized together in a race.

13K Finisher @ 6th University Run 2-Bridge Challenge (picture by Purrl J. Tan)

Coming from a long hiatus, I targeted a decent time of 1 hour 30 minutes, but I was surprised to finish the course in 1:20:36, ranking 67th overall out of 364 finishers! As I recalled, I ran at a steady pace and just concentrated on correct form, and it paid off as it not only kept me pain-free but also improved my speed! I never expected to run an average of 6:15/km pace, so I’m very happy with it! Most of all, I thank GOD for a injury-free race!

As I became active in running again – ran a total of 129 kilometers during August, I dropped to 194 pounds. My new objective as far as my body weight is concerned is to decrease to 180 pounds, which is ideal for my 6’1″ height and within my normal body mass index (BMI). I thank GOD for this new opportunity to run again and keep myself healthy and fit.

approaching the finish line (photo by Run For Sight)

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