Exit Of The Shoes

*** Time Period: April 2011 ***

Hurting Feet

Having conquered a half marathon already, I set my goal higher and targeted a full marathon. I set my sights on the Kawasan Falls Marathon (KFM) in July, and felt like I have enough time to prepare. After a week of rest, I started training geared towards finishing a 42.195 km route about four months from now. I would like to push myself further physically for reasons still focused on my faith goal, and that is losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle. In running, I have found the physical exercise that would challenge me to work hard and practice discipline while enjoying every moment of it.

But there was one big problem. The more I run, the more my knees and feet hurt. I thought it was my shoes, because it already reached more than 400 km in running. Maybe I need a new one, but because of budget constraints, I dismissed the idea. I also thought it was how I land my foot when running since I was basically a heel striker. I tried to apply mid-foot strike running but I can’t get it right. The thick cushion of my running shoes will unconsciously revert me back to heel striking as I get tired every workout.

Still, I continue running. My notion is that I will get over this hump soon. By Holy Week break, I planned to run every day, hoping my feet will finally get accustomed to the pain. But after running 12 km on Holy Thursday, the pain level elevated and I can’t bear it anymore. For the remaining 3 non-working days, I iced and rested my feet instead.

Convinced By Blogs And Videos

My search for answers on my hurting feet got me again to barefoot and minimalist running. This time, I dug deeper, read more blogs (many that I read are made by Cebuanos, I’m proud to say!) and watched more videos in the internet. I need not explain the details but I will just say that I got convinced. The main thing is I wanted to improve my running form, engage my core muscles, and land on my mid-foot in order to prevent injuries while running.

My KAI Classic Running Sandals

I wanted to start barefoot and minimalist running as soon as possible and was blessed to stumble into KAI Running Sandals. I quickly ordered a pair, and got it before April ended, many thanks to its maker, the Tsinelas Runner. At this point, I guess my Mizuno Wave Inspire 6 will now be gathering dust in our shoe cabinet.

I understood it’s like starting all over again. My dailymile friends told me to start running short and slow while transitioning. They also cautioned of calf and leg soreness on the first few tries. My training for the planned marathon will have to take a delay, but I believe this is GOD’s blessing to me. I am looking forward to a new chapter, a new experience and a new excitement in running! Barefoot and minimalist running will be a long-term solution to my hurting feet. Truly, all things work together for good to those who love GOD (Romans 8:28)!

Despite of the setbacks in April, I still reached 76 kilometers, although it’s a far cry from my March mileage. The good thing is I lost another 4 pounds to 196 pounds! It seemed like a monthly proceeding of losing 4 pounds for the past 3 months and I could not be happier! I give back all the glory to our CREATOR. Thank You LORD!

nice fit for my feet

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