Surviving The Dreaded Attack

*** Time Period: February 2011 ***

Getting To Know My Feet

After pushing myself to the limit in the PLDT-Smart 10 Miler, I decided to rest for a week before running again. During this week, I researched the internet about the discomfort that I felt on my feet, particularly a lingering pain on my ankles and heels. I found out that I’m flat-footed, had a ‘valgus’ leg axis (knock knee), a heel striker, heel pronator, has poor flexibility on my right ankle joint due to abnormal biomechanics of my musculoskeletal system and my right knee internally rotates when I run, leading to a recommendation that I need a motion control with moderate to maximum cushioning running shoes! Whoa! Sounds like I went to a doctor but I just found this site by Mizuno. The irregular analysis on my right knee and right ankle were due to past injuries, I think. I suffered a torn knee ligament twice already while my right ankle was sprained and twisted for countless times, all due to basketball.

My surfing also introduced me to the world of barefoot and minimalist running. But I never dig in that deep. It’s more on admiration for those barefoot and minimalist runners only.

SM 2 SM Run 12K (Feb 13 2011)

12K Finisher @ SM 2 SM Run (photo by Dr. Christian Enricuso)

A week before Valentine’s Day, my wife Espie was hospitalized and she was still confined the night before race day. But she encouraged me to run this race. I was willing to give it up yet she recognized this was important to me. And so I ran. See how lucky I am!

I ran with my office buddies Aldennis and Marlon. It was our first time to run at the South Road Properties (SRP) area and we enjoyed every scenery of it! I targeted to finish the 12K category in 1 hour and 30 minutes, pretty decent for me considering I lack sleep, being in the hospital for three (3) days. I maintained between 7:00/km to 8:00/km pace all throughout, although I felt a nagging pain in my right knee when I reached 6 km. But I managed to recover and went on to complete the race right on target – 01:30:13. Wooohooo!!!

And when I got back at the hospital, Espie was already sitting and eating and watching TV; she had just been cleared for discharge by our doctor. Another wooohooo!!!

Saved By The Bulb Syringe

After a successful 12 km fun run, I was downed by sinusitis 3 times. My nose is usually stuffed with mucus every time there is climate change. It’s been an on-and-off thing since I was 10 years old. The headache it caused was so painful that I applied a total of 6 days sick leave, I think, from the office and went to an Eyes-Ears-Nose-Throat (EENT) physician. The good doctor told me that there are nasal polyp inside my sniffer and it requires surgery to remove them. Surgery?!?! I don’t want to undergo any surgery anymore! You see, I have minor surgeries in the past, involving my feet and gums on different occasions. I so dislike being knifed, as everybody does!

My Bulb Syringe

I researched the internet for an alternative and thank GOD I found one! The procedure is squirting lukewarm saline water inside the nostrils using a bulb syringe (available in leading drug stores at a cost of less than P50). The feeling was like sea water entering our nose while swimming on the beach, and the slimy liquid voluntarily flows out from our snout afterwards. Now, this is old school wisdom, don’t you think?!?! I would perform the home-made procedure once every 2 weeks, coupled with increased intake of Vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables, and I have not been bothered by sinusitis or nasal polyp again, so far.

My February also gave me new running partners for my Sunday long slow distance (LSD) runs in Sarsi and Marlon. We initially conquered the 3 bridges of Metro Cebu – the Mandaue-Mactan Bridge, Marcelo H. Fernan Bridge and Cansaga Bay Bridge.

All in all, even though I encountered sickness during the month, I ran a total of 60 kilometers – a 28% increase from January. To top it all, I lost another 4 pounds – I weighed 204 pounds by February’s end! Wooohooo!!! Thank You LORD!


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