From Discouraged to Encouraged

*** Time Period: July to December 2010 ***

One Foot Forward

After my first fun run, I immediately started training, but only mild because it’s just once or twice a week, and aimed for the 10K category in the Run, Race and Reach: Pilipinas 25K International Marathon. My training ground is still at Asiatown IT Park.

By this time, I must say that I still don’t have the proper diet. I’m still eating unhealthy food and eating it a lot!

My faith goal remains the same: to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle. I already have a foot forward because I’m starting to improve on my runs – over time I increased my runs without walk breaks from about 2km to 3km to 4km until it reached 6km! My average pace, though, is at 8:00+/km. Good job, I guess! But I’m finding it hard to change my food choice and volume of food intake. To feel better, I psyched myself, “that’s why I run, so that I can eat whatever I want.”

Run, Race and Reach: Pilipinas 25K International Marathon 10K (Aug 2010)

In what could have been my most anticipated race turned out to be a “non-appearance” for me! I arrived at the starting line very late, at around 5:40 AM, when the elite runners for the 10K category are beginning to arrive at the finish line. I woke up at 5:00 AM, the gun start time! I felt so embarrassed that I didn’t go out of my car and just proceeded to go back home.

You see, the night before race day, I didn’t know that we have a homeowners meeting in our subdivision. I can’t say “no” because it would be my first time to attend such meeting. The gathering ended up at 12 midnight, and there’s still some chit-chat going on before I finally got to rest at 1:00 AM.

Lesson learned: Sleep early the night before race day and wake up early on race day!

Alarming Executive Check-Up Results

I didn’t join any race after my “boo-boo” experience not because of it, but because I got complacent and felt unmotivated. There were weeks that I got zero mileage in running. Add to that the fact that my diet is still uncontrolled, unbalanced and unhealthy. And we’re just a few weeks away from our annual executive check-up in the office. As compared to last year, I felt more confident I’ll get better results because I’m more active and hooked to running.

We were examined by one of the best hospital in Cebu and after a week the results came out. To my surprise, I got so many medical findings! Findings that are normally associated with no proper diet and no exercise lifestyle. I was so discouraged and disappointed I tried to find other options that will make me achieve my primary objective.

I prayed to GOD to give me wisdom to choose what to eat and bestow upon me self-discipline to control what I eat. I searched through HIM the motivation and encouragement that I need to remind me everyday that I will live only in accordance to HIS will – and being healthy is a part of it.

Answered Prayers

It was so timely that Espie and I will have a short vacation in Singapore with our closest friends last November 2010, a month after the executive check-up. I was able to unwind and relax and start all over again. And before our flight back to Cebu, I was blessed with an iPhone4, the phone I so desired since its release. Little did I know that it will play a big role in my running activities. Why? Because it has many downloadable applications that are related to running. My favorites are Adidas miCoach and Runmeter – both of which I am still using for my trainings until now.

short vacation in Singapore

And I found, a site for runners, cyclists, swimmers, athletes, etc. It is like a journal for my running workouts and it has features that keep track of my posted mileage and activities. Plus, I gained new friends from it – fellow runners from Cebu whom I haven’t met yet but are kind enough to give you motivations and advices online.

All these, I believe, are GOD’s answers to my prayers! And because of these, I feel like I am now ready to start anew. I can’t wait to begin a more serious training, a more focused running, a better motivated drive to have proper diet, and a much determined person to succeed.

My new found resolution jump started in December 2010. Amidst the parties that I attended, I must say that I controlled my appetite and ate only what is required. Ok, I lied! I ate a little bit more of “lechon”… but I found time to run a decent total of 40 kilometers for the month despite the very busy and hectic schedule. In the end I am happy because I got to start working for my faith goal again. Add to that was a little inspiration because when I weighed in at New Year’s Eve, I improved to 220 pounds. Not bad, I guess! At least, I improved from 230+ pounds 10 months ago. Thank You LORD!

New Year’s Eve @ Marco Polo Plaza Cebu

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