Lose Weight and Live Healthy

*** Time Period: January to June 2010 ***

The Beginning

Hi! My name is Dennis and my friends call me Shaw (pronounced as sho). I am happily married to Espie and we’re happily living together in Liloan, Cebu.

At the onset of the year 2010, one of my faith goal was to trim down and live a healthy lifestyle. I believe that staying healthy and fit is one way of honoring GOD with our body (1 Cor. 6:20). At that time, I’m at my heaviest – 230+ pounds – very much overweight for my 6’1″ frame! Feeling so unhealthy, I began to look for an exercise to complement proper diet and help me lose weight.

Feb 2010 @ 230+ pounds

I contemplated on playing basketball. But the problem with basketball is you need nine (9) other guys to play with, which at times, is hard to assemble especially with my friends having different work schedule as mine. Consistency would be an issue.

I considered enrolling at a fitness club. I tried two (2) sessions as a guest of my brother-in-law Christian in one of the better gym in Cebu City but decided that it’s too expensive for me. Well, maybe later, but not for a start.

Then I tried running. I don’t know anything about running then – I called it jogging, just like anybody else. I used to jog consistently before (high school and college days) because of basketball. Somehow, I felt that this will be my exercise. I can do it even if I’m alone and I don’t need to spend too much money. All I need is my iPod Classic, a shirt, a pair of short pants and my basketball shoes.

And so I started running. I ran once or twice a week around Asiatown IT Park, sometimes with Christian. When I started, I could hardly finish two (2) loops (about 2 kilometers). It stayed that way for about two (2) months until I bumped into college friend Homer. He himself has started running and has progressed already, he is training for a 10K event that time. He told me that I can never be comfortable running with basketball shoes, and that I should get a nice pair of running shoes if I want to see progress in my workouts. He also discussed about proper diet, speed and pace, fun runs and that a nice goal would be to finish 10 kilometers in an hour.

I got so curious that I started researching the internet about running and running shoes and running gears and fun runs and trainings, etc. From what I’ve read, I thought I made the right choice of exercise because I’ve now become so interested and so excited to run. I also believe this will really help me meet my objectives of trimming down and living a healthy lifestyle.

What happens next is my wife surprised me with a pair of Mizuno Wave Inspire 6 (I’m so blessed with Espie!), I aimed for improvement in my runs at IT Park, and I registered for my very first race – Rundaue 2010 5K category! Espie also joined for the 3K run.

Rundaue 2010 5K (May 2010)

Our very first race was all new for us! We didn’t know what to expect! It’s just excitement and fun all throughout! We were grateful to experience a fun run for the first time, and a fun run as big as 2,000+ people running!

At that time, it was my longest distance so far and I am thrilled to finish it! The 5K race started at the Parkmall. I managed to run up to the turning point in Total (gas station), then after that, it’s jog-walk already. I took a lot of walk breaks heading back to the Parkmall. The sun was already up and its scorching heat took the air out of me. By the time I reached the finish line, I consumed 00:46:20. Espie finished the 3K route at around 30 minutes.

Still, a big victory for us! We started and finished the race! I hoped, back then, that this will only be the first of many fun runs. Thank You LORD!

3K & 5K Finishers @ Rundaue 2010

2 thoughts on “Lose Weight and Live Healthy”

  1. hala, medyo silingan ra diay ta. ‘lacion ko. dagan mi usahay diha bukid sa lilo-an, sa san vicente / sn roque. =) hope to see u on the road stime =)

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